Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baxter did not Rule on this Case he Rubber Stamped It

Evidence seems to suggest the fact that Baxter did not review the evidence presented in court but he did sign off on it as mentioned earlier the person who wrote the finding of facts did not hear any of the testimony because it was nearly 100% perjured.

Next Cari Krenik cutting the ride to the what was not known at the time the last visitation with the children. Krenik knew before the ruling Baxter Terminated.

I have an official copy of Ms Brackens Human Service Background check that Baxter was aware of and copies of schroers documentation that shows knowledge of Ms Bracken indicating she refuses to allow her son to have contact with the children. Testimony from eugenie Harris and the Letter that went to the judge. She is sending that  to state officials with a document of why Bracken was ruled out to get the kids and she is currently looking for a federal agency to send it to Possibly those who pay out foster care.

Its important to establish the crime committed against a protected class citizen