Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating St. Louis County Family Court’s compliance with federal civil rights laws and whether its juvenile court system engages in a “systemic pattern or practice that causes harm.”

 I have little to no experience inside a court room. However I am slightly confused about the law and who the laws are meant to protect. 

I am also confused about who is held accountable when they break laws and violate another human beings rights. Judge M Michael Baxter does not believe a torture survivor has rights.

According to Judge M Michael Baxter an untrained case worker who has a 13 year history of pathological lying, abuse of trauma survivors and and small children can break the law. Baxter agreed the 3 times the case worker conducted an illegal warantless search by illegally breaking and entering in to a private residence with out proof of exigent circumstances was perfectly fine. The family was forced to file a police report the 3rd time she broke in to the home of Eugenie Harris. The evidence Sally Schroer provided for exigent circumstances  could not be proven the first time she did it nor the second time she did it or the third. No evidence backed up by anyone, not even the people inside the house at the time she broke in to the residence. The police officer  also illegally broke in to the home and does not provide proof of exigent circumstances. He entered the home based on hear say from Sally Schroer who provides clear evidence she is a pathological liar.  According to the law an officer may conduct a welfare check but is expected to do so within the parameters of the law. that the officer do so in such a way no persons fundamental rights are being violated. Officer Tracey Hanna did not hear a baby crying. The people in the same home did not hear a baby crying. Sally Schroer's own chronology reports documents the case workers inability to remain truthful when she needs to cover her own ass.  Based on the fact the case worker could not provide or produce any evidence a child cried it allows one to assume that Schroer entered thew home Illegally and extracted an illegal interview with a child. Schroer then stepped out and made up a story that a child crying for under 5 minutes gave her the right to break in to the home a second time by lying to an officer. An officer who should know better that a pathological lying social worker saying a child cried and no baby was crying does not give him nor the pathological lying case worker the right to illegally enter the home. the officer told a neighbor he did have the right to enter the home because the door was unlocked. Who trained this guy. Maybe his criminal justice education did not cover the proper way to handle search and seizure laws. Unfortunately he is not properly educated nor or the judges in this county or the prosecuting attorneys who actually had children put in care using our tax money by submitting laws that do not apply. 



that covered her own ass. 


'that are in place. I have been trained in criminal justice at which point the courses I took obsessed over how officials must enforce search and seizure laws and how  to act appropriately 

How ever what I did expect was for judges to uphold the law and protect the peoples constitutional  rights. Judge M Michael Baxter took the law and threw it in the garbage and violated this mother in so many ways that he would have shown more mercy on this poor mother to put a gun to her head and put her down so she would not have to endure more torture by yet another person who should have been able to see her as a person and not rape her of her family like he did. Which he could not do if he upheld her rights. the damn lawyers put laws on the table that do not even apply to placing these kids up for sale with the mentally ill people who have been abusing her children for more than a year. 

now their grandmother is terminal and she has been raped by a judge who ignored the laws to sell her children

Feds Investigate St. Louis County Family Court

By ALAN SCHER ZAGIER Associated Press

ST. LOUIS (AP) - The U.S. Justice Department is investigating St. Louis County Family Court’s compliance with federal civil rights laws and whether its juvenile court system engages in a “systemic pattern or practice that causes harm.”

The agency announced Monday that it is examining whether the state’s largest circuit court provides due process to all children appearing for delinquency hearings. The investigation will also look at whether the county juvenile justice system provides equal protection to all children, regardless of race.
The department said it plans a detailed inquiry that will include a review of court documents and interviews with community members. Similar investigations by the Special Litigation Section led to operating agreements with juvenile facilities in Los Angeles, Ohio and Puerto Rico. A recent review in Memphis, Tenn., found that found black juveniles were disproportionately transferred for trial as adults and given harsher punishment than white juveniles charged with the same offenses.
“Protecting the constitutional rights of all children appearing in court is critical to achieving our goals of improving juvenile courts, increasing the public’s confidence in the juvenile justice system and maintaining public safety,” said the acting assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, Jocelyn Samuels.
judicial administration for the St. Louis County Circuit Court, said court officials “will cooperate fully.” He said the news of the investigation came as a surprise.