Thursday, November 21, 2013

Genies Mother only has a few days and Baxter sold her kids Breaking the law, the lawsuit will include the death of her mother and robbing this family of so much

She will not be able to speak to her grandchildren because Judge M Michael Baxter sold them to people who are abusing three babies, according to child psychologists in the court room who testified in his court room during the termination of parental rights.

They did get to speak to grandma on the phone but it is my understanding that The judge who ordered and agreed with the parental alienation of the mother refused all access to mother's family and the children. So when they were on the phone with their dying grandmother Irene Christenson grabbed the phone from her grandbabies and hung it up and told Genie if she ever lets her kids talk to their dying grandma again the visits would come to an end.

The judge did think it was fine for tony and Melissa Dobmeier to tell the kids their parents were now their grandparents. It was part of the role playing they made the kids do so they would perform in such a way the Dobmeiers could have their needs met.