Saturday, November 16, 2013


To My Dear Sweet Babies,
              It has been three months since I have seen your sweet faces or feel your touch. I know you are scared I know you are hurting and there is nothing I can do to make it better for you. Cari Krenik promised me I would get to say goodbye and then did not follow through. She will not answer the phone she will not respond nor will Lowell freeman her supervisor. They are not good people and do not care what pain you or I are in.

I knew from the start they were going to make sure that we would be apart it all started when Tony and Melissa Dobmeier started making you pretend that you were their children and told the case worker Sally Schroer to get rid of me so they could keep you. It worked..

I wont stop fighting for you because you are my life my everything. If we never see each other again I will reach out to you on line writing you letters so you know that laws were broken and I was violated over and over the people you are with know you are hurting and do not care enough for you to do the right thing.

they actually asked people to take all of you away from me. I do not know what kind of person could actually do that to someone else. I just know that I am not a person who would wish this even on my worst enemy.

I was tortured as kid over and over and it messed with my ability to be a strong person and fight my abusers. As you know I always kept us safe by removing us from it. This time our abusers took you from me so we could not leave and I could not just leave you behind. I was not sleeping for three days at a time. I had a slight heart attack because the terror became so overwhelming. I was and still am in excruciating  pain both physically and mentally. I just wish I could sleep! So I sit here I touch your toys your clothes and imagine i can still here your voices.