Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oldest child had to spend birthday with out mom due to Cari Krenik's perjury

This child spent his 1st birthday  ever without his mother. It is truly sad because had Tony and Melissa Dobmeier never placed an order with Sally Schroer to get rid of his mother; they would have shared that day together. Just like they have since the day he was born.  He would not even get to tell his mother goodbye. The last time they saw each other. Cari Krenik acting in her professional capacity did nothing to prepare the mother or children for the abrupt separation. All she did was cancel the driver knowing mom was in another town with out transportation to Le Center. Cari Krenik also made sure to not inform the mother who was in another town that she cancelled the ride.

The reason this child can no longer spend another birthday with his mother is more than likely because the county attorneys involved are related to the childless couple and good friends with the judge; who placed an order for the county to get rid of the mother.

There were actually no state or federal laws that applied to hold the children in foster care. The county Attorney looked for laws that had the word other in them and intentional or refused to, to put them in foster care. Minnesota describes both situations as unintentional and the circumstance of poverty.

The law states social workers need a warrant and imminent danger to remove. sally broke and entered and abducted children who were not in imminent danger. the law says sally needs to offer services and failed to do so.

the county made a list of trauma provoking actions to a mother who was tortured in captivity most her childhood. when symptoms begin to appear as a result of being terrorized and laws and rights violated Cari Krenik begin committing perjury and submitting false and misleading information to the court to sell her children. they grossly describe the breakdowns the children experience as a result of the separation psychologists also confirm over a period of a year they are still at ground zero emotionally as a result of Sally Schroer's initial assault on the family.  

This little boy did not get to spend his birthday with his mommy because of how Le Sueur County and government officials acting in a professional capacity terrorized three innocent babies and a single mother experiencing situations caused by poverty.

The county documents this mother's use of public assistance like it is a crime. Sally Schroer even documents what means of transportation they use to arrive at the court house indicating she has been stalking them. CB arrives at the court house on foot.

they write in their finding of facts she does not deserve to be a mother because she was homeless for a month. It is human services job to offer resources to correct that for the family. It is not their job to to take away their children.