Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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    Subject: Question
    Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 13:54:48 -0500
    If the judge terminates my rights I am appealing this. I need to know if I will be able to see the kids while I am waiting for my trial date in a higher court? I started school i am still clean, I am also looking for an apartment and taking my drivers exam next week. I am also still seeing my therapist and doing the AA and sponsor. I am also going to be starting a DBT therapy support group to help with emotion control
                                                          Talk to ya later Genie 

    Hi Rick,
    I had a visit with the kids yesterday on 6/12/2013 I just want to let you know that Sally Schroer asked me to sign a paper saying I could not do a drug test on 6/12/2013 and that I would reschedule it for another time ? I told her I would not do that and did the drug test. I also want to remind you that she told me not to go to treatment and to get a job. The initial delay in my treatment for out patient was the result of Sally Schroer telling me I don't need treatment and I need to get a Job. So she did not do the paperwork right away because I was suppose to get a job. 

    I am only making mention of it because when i screw up I get my fair share of kicks, and I should because I deserve them but keep in mind its not just me who seems to have an issue with screwing up. Every time she pulls this crap I know what her intention is and my kids are not for sale. 


Eugenie Harris (
To: Schroer, Sally

Is this the same worker who took my kids? If so I will have to report to the judge that you are refusing to work with me. 
Eugenie Harris (
To: Schroer, Sally, Freeman, Lowell

Sally, How am I suppose to provide snacks for the kids ? I do not have a job. I applied at two different jobs and they said I was red flagged that's why they have not called me back. Anita checked with her contacts at the state and double checked with rice county who told her that Le Sueur County is financially responsible for me. That if I need job training or a place to live Le Sueur County gets funding for that and should be providing job training and housing assistance. Is that true? 


Eugenie Harris ( to contacts 5/21/13

Went to the Dentist today and had a tooth pulled and I was given a prescription for medication to help with pain along with an antibiotic for an abscess in my mouth. I Made appointment with Dr Tezloff  at Allina to see if I can get medication to help with  anxiety and depression. I am seeing a psychologist Dr Hoekstra  who is also in Allina clinic and my two Drs should able  to collaborate in order to  help figure out what would work best for me in  terms of medication.  I want to at least try it, who knows it might help. I went down to rice county and they are going to find someone for me to get the neuropsych evaluation done. I received a notice in the mail indicating my medical will be cut off and that has been reinstated and taken care of to. I will be attending another AA meeting tonight and I will start getting the paper signed.  I am still clean and will remain clean.