Tuesday, October 8, 2013

catholic church to flu shots

When not if Le Sueur County is found guilty of terminating mothers rights illegally

it is my understanding that Eugenie will be able to sue the Dobmeier's if they so much as bring her children to a church they do not belong to.... or have them immunized with flu shots which violates the belief of the mother.

so we have someone attending the church documenting this and plan to have medical records court ordered along with suing Cari Krenik. She is grossly abusive and should not be trusted with the elderly to be ruled out , child or the disabled. The woman is seriously abusive. It should be known that if you do not have money for a lawyer Cari Krenik should not be entrusted with your child an elderly person to be ruled out or anyone with any form of a disability. She openly exploits disabilities to take children and fill orders for family members of county officials.