Friday, October 18, 2013

I am calling DHS for state of Minnesota at 8 am and I plan on asking them who I am to report disability discrimination to as well as child torture and torture of a trauma survivor when the people involved in the abuse is head of human services case workers and a judge, lawyers and a GAL

I went to this website

I then called this number

Contact DHS by phone

Any private information you provide shall be used and disclosed for the purpose of responding to your inquiries. For a list of DHS program contact numbers, see DHS program contact numbers.
  • Call the DHS Information Desk at 651-431-2000 (TTY/TDD service: 800-627-3529)
They do have someone you can speak with when there is an issue with a county.  I left a message and I should here back from someone today the message said. I can also send an email which I will do next. 

As you all know my issue is with Sue Rynda who sent someone a letter refusing to allow someone with a disability to have representation. She bans that person from making every form of contact with the exception of postal mail.  They want mother who they are torturing and will have symptoms while being tortured isolated. I have the letters in front of me to prove it.

I also documented the sick and brutal separation of the children and their mother. Anita has kindly documented everything about their refusal to talk to anyone. As far as the charges that the mother is suing the county for and the two social workers in the federal court. Mothers Lawyer has insisted there is enough evidence to convict Cari Krenik and Sally Schroer for violating the mothers rights.