Saturday, September 7, 2013

What the neighbors think Le center

Interviews with locals who have been bystanding witnesses to the children being packed up and taken back to foster care

One woman said its heartbreaking I didn't know what was going on but the children are obviosly in so much pain  that litte girl starts to scream and throw herself out of her chair

The littler boy starts begging his mom please I don't want to go

The older one either sits heartbreakingly silent or finds a reason to cry

The witness says I have seen this happen over and over
Do you know what is going on ?
I said the. Mother left the children unattended between 15-20 minutes on two different occasions last year the social worker took them from her for that reason

My god she said why do they have to punish the kids like that you will have to ask Sally schroer that question because she has found them new parents and those people told the presiding judge they want her children

The woman a mother herself  replied I think I am going to be sick is this a joke I said when you see those kids go through that. Does it look like a joke

If county officials are removing children from their parents for the purpose of supplying children to childless friends and family members do you think you have a reason to be concerned?

Omg yes!