Thursday, September 5, 2013

updates today

GH sent an email to Carie Krenik who is in the process of helping GH bring her kids home. (jk) GH asked about visitation and updated her on how she was doing in school and therapy. Krenik blocked GH's email.

The sad thing is if they were not in the process or trying to secure an illegal adoption, Carie would not be refusing to work with her. Oh well its just another note to inform judge that for some reason Le sueur county is having trouble doing their job. If the worker cannot work with the mother because she cannot stop trying to push an illegal adoption for the local county attorney's cousin then maybe GH needs to request a worker who is not owned by the county attorney and willing to destroy families when there is over whelming evidence that she is a good mom and needs education

According to the head of CPS for the state of Minnesota Background Studies are conducted by the Division of Licensing of the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

AB signed off on hers July 23 2013 and it takes 3 weeks to get results. 

AB is studying to become certified in human services and has had a background check completed for the state of Minnesota. Of course she passed or she would not have been able to continue with her studies. 

She has contacted the Division of Licensing of the Minnesota Department of Human Services and has been notified that Carie Krenik has not submitted this yet. 

JULY 23 2013 - SEPTEMBER 5 2013

AB has lived in Rice County from age 12 and she is 42 years old she called Rice county and has learned that no background check from  Le Sueur county was ever submitted. 

This is being updated and corrected AB just texted me and her background check was completed and cleared through Rice County August 15 2013 and returned back to Carie Krenik. 

That will now allow AB to be involved with visits According to the April 10 court hearing. The Judge's only concern was a background check. She was also granted earlier visitation and is listed as the children's grandmother.  

If Carie had that background check results and still denied visitation with the kids that means this is not about the kids at all right? 

AB is defined as a relative by Minnesota Law
Family members are the first placement consideration for children who are not able to live with their parents or guardians. Relative, as defined in

Minnesota Statutes, section 260C.007, subdivision 27, is a person related to the child by blood, marriage, or adoption, or an individual who is an important friend with whom the child has resided or had significant contact.

CARIE KRENIK had the lawyer who took over for Le Sueur county attorney Brent Christain send a letter saying that not only would they be willing to here what mom thought was in the best interest of the children they were also not going to abide by state and federal laws. so they did a non relative search but have not yet conducted it so they could also try to use the one year time line mark to adopt the mothers children out to Tony and Melissa. When this stopped becoming about maltreatment and started to become a custody battle Carie Krenik will be identified in a court of law as a child abuser. 

I have a meeting today with a psychologist I will be presenting both the actions of Carie and Sally to the Psychologist to see if he believes this is a legitimate case of caseworkers abusing children by means of parental alienation. I have a long list of questions that the county was unable t5o provide any explanation for their actions. I feel it will be important to have this conduct identified by a professional to hold child abusers accountable for their actions 

the judge has gone over his 10 day time limit today is the 3rd day he will go over. 

A lawyer just told me judges cannot court order a signature to a case plan. I thought I read in Schroers notes that the judge court ordered the signature. 

I will check back in after my meeting with the psychologist to see if he thinks these county workers have been abusing a 6,5, and 2 year old. Hopefully mom can press charges against them for this. I cant make this more clear any decisions made that are not safety or for the purpose of reunification and are unexplainable is bad for the county.