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Lawsuit Filed,against child protection

We found a Minneapolis Lawyer who is willing to take this case but if you can't afford a lawyer there are advocates willing to help you file pro se. The US Supreme court forbids the government from entering the realm of family. 

Child Protection Services violations,per child and your own constitutional right.
that allow victims of child protection services,like GH to sue per caseworker timely in the U.S.District Federal court
before DEADLINE.

We have 2 caseworkers on the Docket 

Sally Schroer has committed perjury and violated the mother's constitutional rights. She has discriminated against the mother and according to my interview with a licensed psychologists is guilty of abusing the children per parental alienation resulting in a Mental injury Mental injury is harm to the child’s psychological capacity or emotional stability evidenced by an observable and substantial impairment of the child’s functioning. 

CB the five year old is unable to start kindergarten and is spending a 3rd year in  preschool as a result of Sally Schroer, and Carie Krenik abusing him and his two Siblings. The two workers are also guilty of maltreatment by means of NEGLECT. Neglect Neglect is the most common form of maltreatment; over 60 percent of all reports in 2009

ere allegations of neglect. Neglect is usually involves the failure of the child’s caregiver to:• 

Protect the child from conditions or actions that endanger the child All three children are 

experiencing emotional anxiety when they leave their mom. I also read they are so terrified 
of people leaving that they have been becoming distressed when the foster person leaves 
for work.

Carie Krenik- Despite supporting evidence from parenting specialists and psychiatrists who swore under oath that mom was a zero risk to intentionally harm children and only needed parenting class, with even more overwhelming evidence that the social worker before her did not try to reunify the  mother with her children . she also has the option to allow a family member to take the kids who can involve mom under supervision. Reunification is in the best interest of all three of the children and the mother but this worker is not trained to identify how her actions to separate for any extended amount of time by not supporting reunification options of reunification.  Federal courts go after the child protection worker individually. Carie Krenik is choosing to make three young children and a mother a trauma survivor suffer. While she has supporting evidence by child psychologists, parenting specialists, and psychiatrists that GH is not a threat to her children. It also came out in court with supporting evidence that the 
original case plan created by Sally Schroer was never achievable from the beginning. 

According to Minnesota State guidelines a case plan will require input from the person it is intended to help. It should also be created with flexibility of the individuals needs. 

(Question number 1) Why was GH the only person without a criminal record in an inpatient treatment program with the addiction of nicotine and Marijuana? Marijuana is not physically addictive.  Everyone else in these programs had an addiction to chemicals that were physically addictive. They had all sacrificed the needs of their children and themselves also went through withdrawals and committed crimes as a result of their addictions. An addiction would mean the mother was not buying groceries was not taking care of her kids to buy and use marijuana. The record shows the children had plenty of clean clothes, the children were clean, the apartment was clean and the house had plenty of healthy food for the kids, and the home was appropriately baby proofed. Nor were there any drugs or drug paraphernalia found in the home at the time the children were taken. Mom is not high at the time her children are take

 that the mothers poor judgement was the result of her own abusive child hood she did not have a good role model to learn from. They both agreed correction could be Achieved with education. They did not say maltreatment was the result of an addiction? They did say lack of education.

What was getting in the way of mom holding employment? 
Was she not working because she could not pass a drug test?
GH had just lost a job at a nursing home that she is required to take a drug test to be hired for. GH passed the drug test and was hired 

So it does not seem to cause a problem with her finding work. An addict would just not work in a nursing home and try to find a form of employment that did not require a drug test to be hired.

GH was just getting on her feet from being homeless so she has no car and does not always have money for a phone for minutes.  GH was new to the  town and she did not have much of a support network built up to ask family and friends for rides. 

Was GH spending her money on weed instead of transportation? Based on the condition of the home it is not likely. She seems to have all the required necessities to take care of herself and her children. An addict is willing to sacrifice basic needs for themselves and their children to meet the need of the addiction. 

Main Reason GH lost her job-The main reason she has problems maintaining employment. 
To sick to work. 
GH also has Developmental Trauma Disorder. With a little research on how this affects someone this is what I found.

The human body is capable of withstanding considerable levels and periods of stress, when the stress response is turned on for long periods, the body inevitably sustains damage through prolonged raised levels of glucocorticoids (which are toxic to brain cells), excessive depletion of energy reserves, resulting in fatigue, loss of strength and stamina, muscle wastage (as in steroid myopathy when patients receive large doses of glucocorticoids to treat various illnesses), and adult-onset diabetes.

Many people who are bullied experience and report symptoms similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (formerly ME, myalgic encephalomyelitis, also called Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome [CFIDS] and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome). The main symptoms are:
  • overwhelming fatigue
  • pains in the joints and muscles with no obvious cause
  • occasional bursts of energy, followed by exhaustion and joint/muscle pain
  • inability to concentrate
  • poor recall, eg words, sentence construction, etc
  • mood swings, including anger and depression
  • difficulty in learning new information
  • sense imbalances, eg in smell, taste and appetite
  • dislike of loud noises and bright lights
  • inability to control body temperature
  • sleep disturbance (eg sleeping by day and waking at night)
  • disturbance of balance
  • clumsiness, eg unable to grasp small objects, inability to separate sheets of paper

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a classic symptom of stress. It's not a disease but a functional disorder (ie a malfunction) of the digestive system, hence it's other name of spastic colon. Certain foods, especially wholewheat and fat, cause a violent spasm of the intestine resulting in abdominal pain (often excruciating), stomach cramps, bloating, endless tummy rumbling, gas, belching, nausea and sometimes vomiting, constipation or diarrhoea (or both alternating) and a general debilitating feeling of great unwellness. Attacks are triggered by certain foods and can last a day. The cause is unknown and IBS can start at any age with no apparent reason, although long-term stress is often, if unscientifically, implicated. Up to 20% of the population may experience IBS to some degree, but sufferers may find diagnosis can be difficult to obtain. There's no "cure" but strict attention to diet can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms. Many people suffer for years before obtaining diagnosis, after which their life is transformed with a new diet. More at Help For
Others Involved
The Honorable Judge M Michael Baxter-Presiding judge 

Rose Valdez- Guardian Ad Litem Perjury that prevented children from being placed with family. 

Megan Gaudette- Le Sueur Assistant County Attorney Former employee of Judge M. Michael Baxter Current Employee of Brent Christain 

Brent Christain- Le Sueur County Attorney Friend of judge M Michael Baxter and current employer of Megan Gaudette, and weekend babysitter for GH's three children Wife is Related to people who placed order to keep kids. 

Susan Rynda- Head of Human services withheld conflict of interest was made aware of case worker abusing children and did not investigate. Blocked person who reported the caseworker for abuse.

Melissa Dobmeier -Related to county attorney  Brent Christain, Placed order with social workers, judge, and Gaurdian Ad Litem  to have mom removed so she could permanently keep the children of GH.

Anthony DobmeierRelated to county attorney  Brent Christain, Placed order with social workers, judge, and Gaurdian Ad Litem  to have mom removed so she could permanently keep the children of GH. 

Connie Harmeyer- (Kindergarten Teacher) Violated legal rights of mother. 

Miss Brenda, Miss Ashley, Miss Crystal -(Headstart Teacher)  violated legal rights of mother and banned a mother from entering a building because she is a former neighbor of GH. Blocked mother from documenting her sons injury. Did not inform her of school events and pictures conferences etc. Melisa dobmeier takes mothers place at GH's sons family day robbing the mother of that memory.

Perjury;is the Preferred-Method factually,by child protection services,to remove a child whose not abused,No Imminent Risk.

A Lawsuit Filed,against child protection services.either FILE suit,or such time to proceed,shall expire,per violation involving your child,your family.ext.102

When perjury to a material fact;state providing false sworn-in-affidavits,and encompassing with such caseworker,whose all to willing to commit,a willful,wanton,malicious act;clearly knowing she has just lied under oath,engage in misleading the judge;and intentionally withheld evidence for which would have exhibited,a child was missing the loving parent,grandparent,siblings,but yet lie under oath,to make it"appear child is fine in foster care"when child is clearly living in horror,the child right to sue,TIMELY,and your own valid reasoning;has just arise. ext. 102.Begin today by first:
  • Fill out contact page;summarize any & or all events,taking place involving CPS.
  • Briefly,under 300 words or so expound why your looking to sue pro-se CPS.
  • Encompass caseworker FULL NAME,supervisory allowing such violation to continue.
  • All pertinent info,for which your naturally within knowledge,of and begin same-day!
Alone without a child you're raising.nurturing,because of lies by child protection services,either "sit around"feeling sad or FIGHT BACK!"FILE YOUR SUIT...

Lawsuits against CPS are piling up… Judge included/ $5.1 million dollar suit

July 27, 2011

Another Kansas Lawsuit Against Social Workers, Judge, County Attorney ETC… Woodward et al v. DCCCA Inc. et al

Judge Rebecca Lindamood on left is listed on this lawsuit.
Woodward et al v. DCCCA Inc. et al
Plaintiffs:James W. Woodward and Destiny Brown
Defendants:DCCCA Inc., CASA, Randy Kauffman, Rebecca Lindamood, Charles Hart, Cheryl M. Pierce, Darrin C. Devinney, Kathleen Sebelius, Don Jordon, Deb Maaeir, Jennifer Wiebe, Loresa Lewis, Phyllis K. Webster, Janet Jacobs, Marry Lee Armstrong, Leslie Jensby, David McElhiney, Kelly Elliott, Tanya Lynn, Kristine Wilscam, Carmel Poor, Tom McDowell and Joshua AndrewsCase
Filed:December 24, 2009
District CourtOffice:Wichita Office [ Court Info ]County:XX US, Outside State
Presiding Judge:District Judge J. Thomas Marten
Referring Judge:Magistrate Judge Karen M. Humphreys
Nature of Suit:Civil Rights – Other Civil Rights
Cause:42:1983 Civil Rights Act
Jurisdiction:Federal Question
Jury Demanded By:Plaintiff
Amount Demanded:$5,100,000.00
Magistrate Judge: Rebecca Lindamood
Greenwood County Magistrate Court
311 N. MainEureka, KS 67045
Ph: 620-583-8155
Also listed in this lawsuit is the Secretary of SRS Don Jordan
and former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius
What about Judge Lindamood?
She has a history of kicking kids out of school and forcing them to get a GED.
Article from 2005:
Kansas Judge Is Ordering Teens To Drop Out Of School
KAKE On Your Side InvestigationReporter: Jeff Golimowski
Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005
A judge stands in the way of a hardworking, earnest girl trying to finish school. She’s not alone.Graduation Day: It’s supposed to be one of the proudest days of a person’s life, a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment for hard work. Jessica won’t have one.Jessica is a foster kid, who wished to remain unidentified. She should be a high school senior, but a judge told her to drop out.A lot of Kansas kids can’t wait to get out of school. The girl we met fought to stay in. But, she lost in court, now her future is in doubt. A system dedicated to making kids’ lives better failed to help her.Harold and Pam Walker have taken in more than 40 foster kids. The Walkers treat their charges like their own.“They want you to create good memories and stand up for your kids and get them to do what’s right,” said Pam Walker.Jessica’s been with the Walkers for almost a year after being removed from her parents by SRS. She had been having problems at El Dorado High. But, as soon as she got to the Walker’s and enrolled at Goddard High, things started turning around.Jessica will turn 18 Nov. 4. At 18, a ward of the state can be released from SRS custody. Judge Rebecca Lindamood, a magistrate judge in Butler County who’s in charge of Jessica’s case, sees a problem.Apparently, if a child hasn’t graduated by the time they’re 18, they’re going to lose them. The solution, according to Lindamood, is to force her out of school and into a GED.“Most people that hear GED hear you’re a quitter,” said Harold Walker.Jessica is not a quitter. She even found a way to graduate six months ahead of schedule. Not good enough.“The judge said if I didn’t get my GED, she would pull me out of this home,” said Jessica.For the Walkers, this is too familiar.“I really didn’t make an effort,” said Johnathan Alvord, a former foster kid. “So, instead of trying to keep me in, they made me go take a GED.”Alvord had truancy issues at 16. Lindamood’s decision, again, was to let him out of class.Alvord said, looking back, he agrees. Though he said he could’ve graduated had he been forced to stay in. He spent the next two years looking for work. His GED was nearly useless.We went to SRS headquarters in Topeka for answers. It’s against SRS policy for the agency to talk about specific cases. But we asked program manager Deanne Dinkel how the system is supposed to work.“We always encourage our youth to be very involved with their educational goals,” said Dinkel.So someone in Jessica’s position, who desperately wants to graduate, should be helped to succeed, according to the SRS. But, it’s not up to SRS. The ultimate decision for kids like Jessica is left in the hands of judges.Lindamood made helping kids in SRS get an education part of her campaign. Yet state law seals every SRS case. Her constituents have no way of knowing the decisions she’s making. We tried to talk to Lindamood. The Kansas state court system responded, saying Lindamood was unable to respond because it involves a child in need of care case. They said Lindamood, as with other judges presiding over children in need of care, put education of the child as the highest priority.Jessica has taken the tests for her GED and is now awaiting her results.Friday is Jessica’s 18th birthday. Another court hearing is her present. She’ll be back in front of Lindamood, possibly for the final time.
Posted by Kansas CPS Post Audit at 8:00 AM