Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am not saying GH does not have an addiction to marijuana, I am by far no expert but these people say she has an addiction so why is it so different from everyone else trying to recover from an addiction. I merely am just trying to point out that her addiction she is receiving  treatment for is completely different than 100% of her peers in the inpatient treatment center, allow me to explain. GH is sent to in patient treatment . She tested positive for THC. Addiction can become a priority in someone's life. People who are addicted to chemicals justify not taking care of their basic needs to make sure they do not experience physical and mental withdrawal . They cannot pass drug tests so they cannot find work which often results in criminal activity to maintain their habit.

Strangely enough GH has no one at inpatient treatment who has never been convicted of a crime as a result of their addiction to a physically non addictive drug like marijuana. Everyone had been convicted of a crime that was the result of being under the influence or the result of supporting their habit. All of her peers were fighting addictions to things like crack, heroin, prescription pills,  and alcohol. They describe their involvement of crimes committed as a result of being under the influence or to maintain their habit. They describe neglect of theirs and their children's basic needs to survive. They describe physical abuse to children as a result of being under the influence. They describe thefts  of monies and materiel items they can sell to get monies to support their habit because they cannot pass drug tests to gain employment.

So I am a little confused about the inpatient treatment requirement they had for GH. How did marijuana use connect to her maltreating her children? Why was she the only person at inpatient treatment who was  there for an addiction that is not physically addictive substance? Also why was she the only addict that did not have convictions directly tied to drug use? Maybe she stopped buying groceries to buy marijuana? Maybe she stopped bathing her children and lived in a filth ridden house because her drug use was so bad. Maybe she had drugs all over her home with her kids around it. Maybe she was high and that's why her children were un attended for 15- 20 minutes. Maybe her drug use stopped her from gaining employment?

The psychologist states her neglect is the direct result of her own childhood abuse. GH did not have a good role model to learn from to set age appropriate safety standards. She would never do anything to intentionally harm her children.

That would rule out any link to a marijuana addiction. GH Tested positive for THC but she was not high at the time she left the children unattended for the time period mentioned above. THC from marijuana can stay in your system for weeks.  so they must have found weed and bongs and roach clips all over the home? NO THEY DID NOT. There was zero illegal drugs found in the home or any items associated to drug use.

Then maybe she had been neglecting her children to buy drugs was there food in the house? Actually the list says there is plenty of food described as the food being healthy in the home.Maybe the kids were not being bathed ? No the children were appropriately bathed it said there are also plenty of clean clothes for everyone. So maybe GH is living off the system because she can't find work ? It would. Make sense if her addiction prevented her from passing a drug test. No that also does not seem to be the case she is a certified CNA and had been working in a local nursing home she would be required to pass a back ground check and drug test which did not seem to be a problem. Maybe she was living in filth because her drug habit was causing her not to care. no again house was nice and tidy and even baby proofed.

GH has complex post traumatic stress disorder studies show that their immune system is broken in comparison to a healthy persons. A common cold would be 10xs worse in comparison to a healthy person GH is constantly battling stomach and head pains as well as coming down with frequent illness which is why she has a difficult time maintaining employment. Her system is on over drive while she is being traumatized. People who. Are ignorant to complex post traumatic stress disorder s cause and effects often blame trauma survivors for their symptoms.  Right now the FDA is testing marijuana for the disorder because it is not physically addictive like the prescribed antidepressant and anti psych meds that are out there now. Most people seeking treatment will have to take more than one to get symptoms under control but often are forced to not take meds because they have horrible side affects. Marijuana does not have side effects and slows down trauma survivors brains when their symptoms when their bodies are in hyper drive when they encounter stress and trams. They also suffere severe insomnia and often struggle with their appetite not being regulated.  While under stress they also experience impaired thinking and cannot articulate well.

What are the odds they would have to endure nearly a year of threats that their children are being sold  either way the addiction thing seems strange when they offer no evidence it impaired her ability to care for her children