Monday, September 2, 2013

2014 Medical Assistance will Likely be Paying for legalized medical Marijuana for PTSD

  • I personally disagree with all drug and alcohol use while parenting! However lets look at the reality of what is happening around us. Next year it is likely Medical Marijuana in Minnesota will be legal and prescribed by doctors to treat PTSD symptoms.. 

  • Minnesota
  • In may 2013 legislation was introduced in Minnesota to legalize medical cannabis. The proposal is sponsored by over 40 lawmakers, and although it was filed too late to be approved in 2013, proponents are preparing for a huge push in 2014.
So does this mean next year the mother who's children are being sold over testing positive for thc will actually be prescribed marijuana from a Doctor to treat her C-PTSD ? Its all ready being given to children. THE FDA has approved Medical Marijuana for testing on PTSD. Veterans are using it to treat PTSD symptoms. Stories of parents moving to states where Medicinal Marijuana is legal so they can treat their sick children is actually happening. 2 more states just legalized marijuana use putting the US at a total of 20 states to legalize it for medicinal use. Minnesota will legalize in 2014

I conducted an interview with 3 different psychologists who explained eventually Minnesota will legalize Marijuana because it is not fair to the citizens of Minnesota to continue denying them treatment.
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FDA Approves New PTSD Study with Medical Marijuana

The Santa Cruz Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies just received permission from the FDA to study the effects of cannabis on posttraumatic stress disorder.

the one issue the county has focussed on actually had nothing to do with why they took the children. 
They have spent hundreds of dollars to put GH through treatment for a 
physically NON ADDICTIVE drug because she tested positive for THC. There was no Marijuana,drug paraphernalia, or any other evidence of drugs being used found in her home. So if she did use Marijuana it could have been during a time the kids were at their grandmas for the weekend. 
The mother was also not high at the time the children were taken. In fact the reason Sally took the children was because they had been left alone for 15 minutes in the park around the first of September and again when they were sick when mom left to call the school at the neighbors 18 ft away from her apartment at the end of September. The psychologist and parent time specialist testified in court her lapse in judgement is the result of her own childhood abuse and that she did not have a good role model, setting standards for her to learn from. 
When the question was asked what it would take TO CORRECT CONDITIONS by every single parenting specialist; they responded WITH correctable with education. 
So what kind of education did they provide?