Monday, August 26, 2013


 I have not been reading the chronology visitation documentation because I have been reading the documentation that has been donated by AB with consent of GH. That was my mistake. I am finding that Schroer must have been editing the documentation.

All right I see what she is doing with this. All the edited information is about the boys in school and the laws Sally Violates to keep the zero risk to abuse mom away from her children. Schroer manipulates the input and out put of information revolving around the block that she has put the teachers on to not release any information to the mother unless she grants permission.

That is why she hid the information about school pictures and conferences. The mother even called to get information from the school about end of the year events. The school said their would be none. Sally Schroer then documents a family day for the four year old that The unstable foster person thought she qualified for, and then took the mothers place.

Mom never gets order forms for her boys first year in school pictures.

Mom never gets any notices of conferences.

Sally has the unstable childless couple doing parent child therapy with GH's children attending conferences ordering school pictures and  showing up for family day. She has the teachers calling her for consent for any information they give out. Keeping mom out of the loop to be a parent was the workers main goal. She then filled any and all parenting roles with the unstable foster people. Of course this is illegal and as pointed out earlier she is abusing the children by means of parental alienation.