Sunday, August 11, 2013

Minnesota State guidelines for visitation

The visitation plan is guided by thorough and ongoing assessments of the parents’ ability to safely care for and interact with their child(ren). 

The visitation plan is not guided through on going assessment a text message from Sally Schroer to Megan Gaudette explains that visitations are set up around what Irene Christenson is willing to do or not do. 

Irene does not want to participate with family members who document according to Schroer she says to Gaudette can you blame here. 

The visits have been forced outside in artificial settings. visits have been cut short because of weather. The out door setting has given the baby ear infections and caused her to get sick. 

What is wrong with this picture. If the woman cannot do her job on the up and up then maybe it is in the best interest of the child to hire someone who does not  perjure their documentation that is submitted to the judge. Then they will be able to structure visitation based on the needs of the family.   

The plan may require parent(s) to meet certain conditions related to visits, such as modifying behaviors that contributed to a child’s removal.

That would be a parenting education to learn about how old children should be to be left alone for 15 minute time periods. According to AB and GH's documentation it was proven in the TPR trial that no such education has been or is being offered after nearly a year of their removal. 

 It was established that the foster people who placed an order to get rid of the mother so they could keep her children have been approved by sally schroer to do the parent child therapy according to the specialist the children are still traumatized.  


 It is appropriate to determine conditions to protect the safety and well-being of children. However, visits should not be used as punishment or reward. Increased or reduced visitation should be related to an assessment of safety, and not linked to other measurements. (Hess & Prosch, 1988)
Research does not identify alcohol or drug usage as a sole reason to restrict visitation to a supervised setting. Supervised visitation is used to ensure safety and to improve parent-child interactions. 

According to a text sent to Megan Gaudette Le Sueur County Assistant Attorney from Sally Schroer we know that visits have been set up for what Irene Christenson wants to do or not wants to do and have nothing to do with the mother. 

 AB has reported Irene Christensen for allowing GH's children to run around the parking lot unattended. AB has submitted corrections to the county for false documentation submitted  to the judge. AB Also reported Irene Christenson for terrorizing the mother and children when she Yelled at GH for the way she was playing with her daughter. Irene told the mother her four year old and the one year old if it  continued she would make sure they terminate the mothers rights permanently. 

So visitations  are now tape recorded and often held outside. The baby kept getting ear infections and the 4 hours a week. Visitations would at times be cut short as a result of weather or the baby getting sick. So because the county sets the visitations up for what Irene does or does not want to do the children and the mother's very limited time has suffered based on the child supervisor not being comfortable doing her job. 

The county worker Sally Schroer has threatened to remove visitation if the mother did not remove her clothes to allow Sally to search for bruises on the mothers body. Mom complied so she would not lose a visit with her children.

NOTE: Any threat that results in compliance of a search is considered a non-consensual search. The search violates GH's 4th amendment right. Case workers hold no immunity under constitutional law.

Sally Schroer Also considered removing the visitation when mom was asked to leave the half way house she was sent to. West hills lodge asked informed GH  to leave because she rolled her eyes at a peer and had been slouching when the counselor went over the behavioral contract with her. Slouching  she said is aggressive body language. 

According to the documentation Sally or the judge had it written in to the court order to use visitations as punishment for the mother. 

Another visit was documented as cancelled when the mother was asked to come down for a drug test. When GH arrived no one was there to take the sample. Schroer writes in all caps in her notification. "VISITATION HAS BEEN CANCELLED"because you did not show up for your drug test. 

The new County case worker Carie Krenik has also threatened a permanent removal of the mothers children. According to GH on  July 17th 2013, GH was to go over the case plan that Carie Krenik created for the mother and not with the mother. Carie told GH if I have to deal with AB or CB I will terminate now.  

In may Sally Schroer informed a drug treatment counselor that she would not attend the mothers exit meeting if AB was there Megan Gaudette County attorney has informed her that she should have no contact with AB.. Not because she was abusive not because she was a safety risk, because she was asking questions about the safety of the mother. 
Schroer tells Lisa Barden that if AB shows up she will go to the judge and lie to him that GH is refusing to work with social services and she will never see her kids again. 

Note: Carie Krenik and Sally Schroer do not have the power to terminate any ones rights only a judge can terminate rights. This kind of threat needs to be reported right away document it date it and time stamp it so the worker is held accountable when you file with the state board. Do not allow it. 

Attachment II provides descriptions of the levels of supervision. This attachment can help social workers clarify and communicate the structure of a supervised visitation plan. (Hess, 2003)
If an agency recommends to the court that visits be supervised, the visitation plan in the out-of-home placement plan will include a summary statement of the assessed safety reasons supervision is necessary. Plans for supervising visits should be individualized and document the association to safety factors and goals of the out-of-home placement plan. The social worker should meet with the parent(s) and the child/youth separately to provide a shared understanding about the reasons the visits are supervised, the conditions, and the arrangements of the visitation plan. Seek ways to involve extended family, foster families, and community members to support visitation – social workers need their support to ensure that lack of time is not a barrier to parent-child and sibling visitation.
The family is not sure why the visitations are supervised? according to the judge he states I am not ready to do that yet? Family members have asked to participate and the Judge said no. All family has been excluded from visits with out a reason and the children are also not able to talk to family on the phone. Mom got scolded by Sally Schroer and the judge for allowing the boys to talk to their dad who lives out of state.

Family visitation: who visits a child?
A comprehensive family assessment identifies individuals with whom a child has an established and significant relationship. These relationships are considered significant because their loss could cause substantial harm to a child; preserving them is in the best interest of a child. This can include parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives or adults in a surrogate parenting role, including kin and former foster parents. During foster care placement social workers should consider how family members can be involved with a child and parents to support and enhance the parent-child relationship, and to preserve a child’s connections. Consider how family members can be involved to increase the frequency of visitation, help with transportation, involve a child in cultural events or provide the foster parents with respite. Engaging the family’s expertise in creation of a eno-gram or eco-map may be a helpful strategy to identify a child’s significant relationships. 

children are 100% isolated from biological and Surrogate relationships. This means the children are not allowed to speak on the phone or have visits with family members. 

They are only allowed to have contact with the foster family's extended family. It is my understanding that the children are being told they are related to the temporary care givers family and the baby has been permitted to call Mr Foster care giver Daddy. Essentially it appears as if the county is trying to erase the people who love them out of their lives for the last 5 months and allow the people in the preadoptive plan to condition the children so they do not know where they came from. 

 Visitation with infants and toddlers A child’s experiences and relationships during the first few years of life are critical to their future social, emotional and cognitive development. he effect of separation from parents on very young children disturbs attachment and may harm a young child. Children’s reactions to and their ability to cope with separation from parent(s) depends upon their age, developmental state and level of attachment. Frequent, meaningful visitation is vital for very young ages. 


Sally Schroer's case plan made it impossible for mom to hold employment. She told mom she would be able to help her with a program for rent. Sally stopped services for rental assistance causing the mother to go homeless in February. She had no phone, no money, no transportation, and no place to go. 

 GH asked Sally Schroer for help so she would not be homeless in the middle of February. Sally Schroer told mom "I AM DONE HELPING YOU" Mom was displaced to another town. She could not participate in play therapy with the children and did not have a phone. Sally has the temporary care people take the mothers place in therapy with the children.  

Frequency is 4 hours a week for these three children who were taken at age 1, 4, and 5. 

According to state guide lines and 2 supreme court verdicts; when social services failed to correct conditions it was found that the county should have and failed to offer services for housing to prevent homelessness.

Schroer refused to support services that would have allowed the mother to be with her children and also correct the only thing she needed to get her children back. The children were removed for being unattended on different days for two 15 minute time periods. they were found in a clean house, clean kids, with plenty of food and plenty of clean clothes.   Schroer chose to not offer services that targeted the core reason she removed the children. Then had them on the road 3 hours 1 day a week for a 1 hour visit. Irene Christensen was late for all but 1 visit. 

They also refused a family member who had planned on taking the kids in October but her younger brother had a seizure that put him in a coma in October of 2012. The Dr told her to make arrangements because they did not think he would make it. AB was the only relative in the state who could be there by his side. He did recover at the end of December 2012.

 AB also suffered an injury during the time she was taking care of her brother and needed surgery. As soon as her brother recovered she had the surgery at the end of January with an 8 week recovery. AB tried to get the kids as soon as she recovered. By this time Sally Schroer was well invested in seeing that the pre adoptive plan she had created went in to place. 

She shouted in court I gave you the paper work and you never turned it in. AB tried to explain her sibling went in to a coma and the judge yells I DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU!!! 

Needless to say this also kept the mother from participating with the children

Placement decisions need to consider proximity to the parent(s) to allow for frequent visitation without extensive travel time that will be very difficult for a young child. Relatives and unrelated foster parents of infants and toddlers need to understand and acknowledge the importance of the parent-child attachment at the early stages of child development, and the important support foster parents can offer parent(s) to help strengthen the parent-child relationship. 

We know the case worker involved did not aid the mother when it was requested during the time she went homeless. This displaced mom to another town. Lawyers I have spoken with are completely shocked that the worker was negligent in helping a person with a disability not go homeless. I am guessing but need to check there must be some kind of disability law that will cause her some trouble when this goes to a federal court.  

Family members willing to take the kids were denied which would have put them closer to mom. There was a pre -adoptive plan according to Schroers phone call with the biological father. The pre-adoptive plan  was created early on in the reunification process. 

Schroer also blocked reunification services and supported services that separated child from parent AB actually had to block her from trying to send GH 6 hours away for another 6 months as it was not in the best interest of the children. 

Denied family to participate for the purpose of serving out her pre adoptive plan to mentally unstable people. They are disturbed enough to torment the children to get their own needs met show up in court to watch the slaughter of a family to get their needs met. Even though the children are in severe pain they put their needs first. That is mentally unstable in my opinion.  

Because child development at this stage depends on parent-child attachment, special attention should be given to the visitation plan to ensure that visitation activities promote attachment. Some parents may not know how to perform daily care giving routines, and may not understand the significant role that day-to-day care of a child has to their overall development. When an infant or toddler is in foster care, the out-of-home placement plan and visitation plan should consider the importance of frequent, meaningful visitation, and develop a plan that involves the parent(s) in daily care, provides physical contact, and play activities to promote parent-child attachment. The out-of-home placement plan should consider the training and support the relative(s) or unrelated foster parent(s) will need to further understand the importance of this stage of development, the parent-child relationship, and the foster parents’ role in supporting frequent, meaningful visitation.
Visitation plan
Moms case plan targets attachment with the baby but I am assuming that all the services Sally Schroer offered this mom that prevented her from working on attachment were to prevent that.

The county has forced any family support out with letters from lawyers and insisted their be no family involvement. Play therapy for mom is being done by foster lady. 

Social workers have the primary responsibility to ensure that the visitation plan is developed, implemented and revised as needed. Afixed visitation schedule is best practice and has been related to more frequent visitation and fewer missed visits. Visitation is a purposeful, planned activity that will have a positive effect on a child’s need for safety, well-being and permanency.
The visitation plan:
■Honors a child’s existing bonds and attachments
■ Includes father and mother, siblings, and other relatives or kin
who are significant to a child
■ Promotes the family’s individual strengths
■ Provides continuity of family relationships
■ Involves the parent(s), child, and foster family in the
development and ongoing assessment of the plan
■ Involves the family’s support system
■ Arranges visitation in the most home-like setting that will
maintain a child’s safety and existing attachments
■ Connects a child’s safety to the level of supervision
■ Considers a child’s daily schedule, and the parent(s)’ work and/
or treatment obligations
■ Ensures that visitation frequency and settings are consistent,
and develop progressively towards a permanency goal
■ Respects the family’s culture, faith and rituals
■ Ensures that parent(s) assist in daily decision making, and
participate in everyday activities as much as possible11
■ Increases contact and parents’ role toward reunification, or
when a child cannot return to parents’ care, continues family
relationships that preserves family and community connections.

I Recently just learned  Sally Schroer sent a text to Megan Guadette that explains visitations are not set up around the moms or the children's needs.  Apparently they are set up for what Irene Christenson does or does not want to do.   Sally says Irene does not want visitations in Faribault can you blame her. So visits have had to take place outside causing the baby to get ear infections other times they were cancelled because it was raining. GH has a stable safe place to have visits in Faribault. Which would allow the mother to be a mother to her children. 

So wow this county is a law suit waiting to happen with the level of severe discrimination and child abuse they have inflicted on three young children and their mother.